Thursday, June 20, 2019


Hi guys! For my post today on the Action Wobble Blog, I have a super cute card that I made for my nephew, Will who is a big Elvis fan! For the card I used a mini Action Wobble, Cricut George and Basic Shapes, Elegant Edges, and Cardz TV Stamps "FAQ'S (frequently asked questions)". I found Elvis by Googling Elvis Clipart. The image is copyrighted, but fine for personal use only. I think Will is going to love it, and I hope you do too! With Elvis on an Action Wobble, there's a whole lotta shakin' going on!

Here are more links where you can find us wobbling, and where you can purchase Action Wobbles!

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  1. OMG Mary What a Fab and Fun Card!! OH you so chose the right person to feature on your Action Wobbles....I LUV Elvis and the wobbles I think I'm makin' myself this card just because I LUV it and hang it on my bulletin board in my craft room!! OUTSTANDING CREATIVE JOB!! YOU SO ROCK!!


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