Monday, October 18, 2010

Will you help a child with cancer?

Hi everyone,

I just received this email from my friend Trish, and wanted to pass it along to all of you. Here's an opportunity for a RAK!

Hello ladies.
Hope you all are doing well. This email is to ask all of you for some help. Hopefully you can post this info on your blog or attach a link to my blog (

After working for my parents business for 10 years, you get to know your customers pretty well and over time they become more like friends. One of the customers had told me last year that he was thrilled that his niece, Madison, was in remission from Leukemia! Their family was over joyed that such a young girl had beat this vicious cancer (she's only 6 years old). However, just last week, their family was just hit with the most horrific news........Madison's cancer has returned.

Now I personally do not know Madison BUT i'm the type of person who wants to help whenever I can. I know that I cant cure her but I can help with making her day a little better by sending her a card to put a smile on her face. So, this is where i'm hoping to get your help.....i'm hoping to get a TON of cards to cheer up Madison. "Get well" cards and anything that is super girly would be perfect!!! And if you'd like to send a small gift, ex: a barbie or stuffed animal, im sure it would cheer her up and keep her company while she spends the next several weeks in the hospital. I know she loves pink, butterflies, and anything girly.

If your interested in helping please send your cards/packages to the following address by Friday, October 29th(please have it in the mail on or before that date):

Trisha Theo
Po Box 7806
North Port, Florida 34290

Thank you everyone in advance for spreading the word and helping this young girl get through such a hard time,

Ps....if you'd like to send a card to Madison's parents with words of encoragement or your prayers, their names are Bobby & Maria.


  1. this is so nice of you I will get my club to send some cards. I love your blog and videos I will soon send you a card so you can showcase it.
    my blog is
    I have a challenge running now if you like to participate

  2. Card is in the mail Mary! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Thanks So Much Mary for passing the news along. Count me in... working on it right now. I am not going to have any trouble creating cards with Butterflies as they are my FAV as well.

  4. This is so sweet. I think it will make a world of difference to this little girl.

  5. For some reason, after I have become a mother, to see a child become ill with anything from a cold to cancer just hurts my heart. My boyfriend just spent 2 weeks back in Aug/Sept. at Vanderbilt Burn Unit in Nashville and he's recovered. There were babies coming in and out for treatment along with an 8 year old girl that had been there for over 60 days. It hurts...I will definately work on getting something made up for her, because I know how it felt being in there for 2 weeks with him so I can only imagine having to be in and out like Madison has!! Thank you Mary, I am so glad there are others out there that care and want to make a child smile or laugh during that ordeal!

  6. Thanks Mary for making us aware of this little girl
    everyday ordeal...
    My card will be in the mail tomorrow...
    Sincerely, terrie

  7. Mary,
    Thanks so much for sharing! Mu girls and I will be sending cards ASAP! We love any chance to perform a RAOK! Bless you:) Hugs. Mollie L


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