Monday, August 11, 2014


Banana Bread, Tomatoes & Joann's Haul

Wayne's video on processing tomatoes for the freezer.

Thanks for watching...Have a great Monday!



  1. I have always enjoyed your videos, Mary. Your blog was the first one I found when I started card making a few years ago. Your instructions and ideas are sooooooo helpful and I enjoy your videos. Now that Wayne has started his videos, it's a great addition. You two make a wonderful team and I have got to try his recipes! Who knew that tomatoes could be frozen??? I started a garden for the first time this year and although I planted tomatoes, mine are smaller, but very tasty. I'll have to give this tip a whirl. Thanks to both of you-keep it up. You do have fun!!!

  2. Great haul from JoAnns!! Your banana bread looks yummy. Love Wayne's video also

  3. Love your videos! Want to hear more about the corn that was wrapped up. Was it already cooked?

  4. You guys are great! Thank you both!
    Martha from Norman

  5. Howdy Miss Mary well girl it's 11:45 today and I'm having a Kuppa Kuppa break and checked out your blog so guess what? WOOT WOOT I get to watch your video again and relax and hang with ya lucky me. I do love those paper pads you got so cute as are the embossing folders can't wait 2 C what U create with them. Oh girl you banana bread looks so yummy wished I had a piece to go with my Kuppa Kuppa.
    Loved Wayne's video and oh keep thinking about all the great dishes you'll be preparing with the tomatoes
    I love tomatoes.

    Have a great day sure made mine great!!

  6. You guys are just too cute! Thanks for the great tips from both of you. I enjoy both of your videos.


  7. Loved your craft haul an the banana bread looks yummy. Loved Wayne's spring I will remember this and freeze some from DH's garden. And will try the saran wrapped corn, too

  8. Mary and Wayne
    I love both your video's and can't say enough about the two of you working together. Love it. wayne thanks for all the tips on processing tomatoes for the freezer. I didn't know about a lot of that. Love the way those tomatoes peeled off after the boiling. You really know your way in the kitchen. Mary I'd love to have a piece of your banana bread. It really made me hungry. My mouth was drooling. Loved your haul and think you got some great deals there. Love those colors and patterns. thanks for showing us your texture folders from Daris. I have a few of those too. great show you guys and love the music too. It's happy music..I love happy music. gets me going better than caffeine. take care you two and GB

  9. Really enjoying the Monday Vlog and Wayne's start to finish. Those tomatoes look yummy.

  10. Too cute! yep Mary, he's definatly a keeper! LOL

  11. Wayne is a natural in front of the camera!
    Great tips, beautiful tomatoes.


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