Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Landscaping Our Front Yard...YAY!!

Hope I can show you the finished yard tomorrow!
Thanks for watching!



  1. Can't wait to see when it is all finished!


  2. Oh my I am so sorry that such damage was done to your yard. That is a big expense that was probably not planed for too. It will be beautiful when done. I live in Spokane WA. and our winters are bad here. We have a big tree that gets hurt almost every winter but I pray for it so it's still with us. Hugs

  3. Looking forward to seeing the finished yard!! WhooHoo!! How exciting! :)

  4. Gee Mary, this may sound stupid but do you often lose trees and plants every winter? and then have to buy and replant them? that is foreign to me. Poor plants.

    well, your front is looking nice and I can't wait to see once it's done.


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