Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Coffee and Cards Episode 23

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  1. What wonderful cards! Super cute stuffed animal for Sophie! :)

  2. The cards featured were lovely! I love this segment! TFS!


  3. What great cards from your bloggers. We love you Mary.... Keep up the great job.......

  4. I just love all of the cards you get. So many talented people out there. Feel free to check out my blog also :0) schellscraftcorner. Have agreat day! Hugs- Schell

  5. Sophie is a lucky puppy and you are obviously loved by your fans! Coffee and Cards are my favorite of all your wonderful videos.

  6. Love all the cards! Thank you for featuring my mini album! I hope everybody enjoys making one - it's fun! Have a great weekend Mary!


  7. Mary,
    no need to say thanks. I appreciate all you do with all you have in your life.... I love your site and your videos and you are just WONDERFUL.
    I did enjoy Jen's mini album... gotta go watch that video.

    i hope sophie enjoys the toy. My boys are so important to me and I know how important she is to you- I can't forget to acknowledge her.

    Enjoy the chocolates. It's a small gift of my appreciation of you. You're the best Mary.
    Thank you for being you.

  8. Thanks for sharing coffee and cards with us, Mary! I love these episodes. I'm hoping one day I'll be able to send you something to feature on "C&C"! lol

  9. thanks for sharing such a awesome idea! Very cute!

  10. So very adorable. Wow there have been some pretty awesome stuff on this blog hop!

    Thanks for the hop


  11. Your cards are outstanding...I'm so glad I found your web-site this morning....makes my are one talented lady and I'm blest to watch your videos and get outstanding ideas and directions.

    Joan Smith

  12. Cardz TV is my kind of reality television!


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