Monday, February 2, 2015


Here's Wayne's latest video!

Thanks for watching!

Hugs & Blessings,


  1. Your home is lovely Mary! Thanks for the video Wayne. You too are so cute!


  2. Love seeing your January cards once more Mary!!
    Great video Wayne!! Loved seeing part of your home. Your could name one of those baby dolls Camy Ann. My BFF became a grandmother for the second time today to a beautiful little girl and they named her Camy Ann. :)

  3. I wish that I had a husband like Wayne, or a husband. You two are amazing and take your vows seriously with God at the center. That's why you're still married. I love watching Wayne's cooking videos. You two look like you have so much fun together. Maybe one of these days for me.

  4. You have a beautiful and cozy home, Mary. Love all your beautiful dolls. I have no names for them, but I'll be interested to see what you going to decide :-) Thank you for this great video Wayne.
    Lena’s Creations

  5. Cute room! I'd call it the doll room or the girls room. For the blond doll Lucy the redhead Scarlet.

  6. So much fun! Love the wing back chair! I'd have to fight Sophie for that one. I can't think of names (fighting a head cold right now) but hope the red headed doll gets an Irish name. I really liked the review of your Jan. cards also. A nice reminder. What a fun couple! Thank you.

  7. Well yep here watching Wayne's video again as I'm having a 3rd morning Kuppa Kuppa and just felt like hanging with you guys and enjoying the comforts of your home. I did give some ideas for names on your You Tube channel. I just love how comfy and sweet your home was so awesome you sharing about the treasure your grandma created. Thanks for your video it was a very sweet video.

  8. Thanks so much for sharing all this. It's truly a Home. <3Kim

  9. Loved the video, and Wayne is so nice, the doll that
    has red hair should be called Ruby....Loved all your

  10. Yep I watched it again. Love how pretty the room was and all the dolls. I use to collect dolls too but it got to costly for me to continue.. I use to collect the old antique dolls. I loved all the beautiful things your grandma made for your mother, She was really very artistic and crafty. Isn't it wonderful to have something that your grandma made and gave to your mother. When you hold those things it brings back all the beautiful memories. of those you love. I love watching you too together. I remember the Lee Middleton and her beautiful dolls and how life like they are. Thanks for sharing your home with us again. Hugs to Sophie she's so cute. Thanks to both of you for a lovely time.

  11. What about Eloise and Owen for your sailor dolls.


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