Thursday, January 19, 2012

"You're the Cat's Pajamas!" (Imagine)

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  1. Very nice card and thank you for sharing it with us...I also like the color that turned out instead of the darker color in the book..

  2. You are so funny....but you did the right thing and your card is so stinkin' cute....don't have an Imagine but I know I'll find the purrfect feline on one of my cartridges....thanks for sharing your night and hope you ended up with purrfectly sweet dreams after all......:)

  3. I hope Sophie is not getting jealous with all your focus on cats : ) However, as a cat lover, I have really liked your last couple of cards. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great card. Love that you can print your own papers with the Imagine in whatever tint you want. Of course I also love the cat references, being the cat lover that I am. Keep up your good work!

    Barb from Toronto, Canada

  5. OMG what a wonderful bundle of stamps. I like how you mixed fun saying with serious sentiments. The winners of these stamps will truly get a nice variety. Thanks for the give aways. jackie


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