Friday, October 15, 2010

Coffee and Cards Episode 17

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  1. Mary,
    Great cards.........Still under the weather.......

  2. These are some awesome cards!! :)

  3. Nice cards. you said in the video that you wanted to learn how to do the crayon resist technique. It is so easy. Stamp your image on "Glossy" card stock, then with a white crayon or light colored one, I like the white the best. Color in areas you want to resist. You can do part of the image or all, then with the ink color of choice and a sponge or sponge dobber ink it up and rub across the images. The crayon resist the ink. When done take a tissue and wipe down the card to get the remainder of the crayon off and that's it! So simple but such a great result. If you have ?'s on it just email me.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful project and what others send. I get so inspired by your blog.
    angel hugs
    angels5.2005 @

  4. I'm so happy to have found your blog. What amazing work and I do love watching videos! I have subscribed, so now I can look forward to more of them. Also added your button to my blog so other card makers/paper crafters can enjoy them. Thank you so much!
    ~ Lena ~

  5. wow, so many amazing things here!!!! I've got oodles of ideas - now I just need some time!!!

  6. Mary,
    I have been watching your videos for a very long time and love everything you make. I have told all my friends about your blog too :) Thanks for all you do!

  7. Such beautiful cards! Tfs and have a great day. :)


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