Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweet Birthday Card


  1. mary that is a very sweet Sweet Card and lovely video. Trish:)

  2. Another great card! That certainly is a versatile cartridge. Thanks for the video!

  3. Thanks for sharing another great card and video with all of us Mary!!!


  4. it was my goal today to get that cartridge out to do the tea cup card that you did yesterday and also to explore what else was on the cartridge, but so far I have not gotten to it due to cleaning house and laundry. Now I will need to check out this new card too. Thanks for taking the time to explore for me. LauraT

  5. LOVE this card. I was thinking I really wanted Sweet Treats to make some birthday cards, but I already have ACY!!!!!!! This card is really, really cute. Please keep 'em coming. I LOVE the way you have featured the special features of cartridges. You have a great way of looking outside of the box. Thank you!!

    LINDA ;-)

  7. Mary, you amaze me!!! You find things on carts that I had no idea were there. You are great. I love, love, love, you videos. When I watch my kids always say, she's so cute!!! They have never seen you, but they love your voice. I love the scallop card. Thanks so much. Sandy C.

  8. Mary,

    Cute card. I have that MS paper and now I know what I can do with it...thank you

  9. Hi Mary,
    Very nice card. I really love the scalloped edge and the embellishments for this card. I think it would become one of my favorites to make and keep on hand. Hope your staying warm and dry. LOL I'll be happy when winter is over.

  10. Love this card. I didn't even know that card cut was on the cartridge. I will have to get it out again and have a go.

  11. Mary

    Love the Sweet card and now I must find some thing to eat LoL!! great job as always you are just a wonderful lady and thank you for all your inspriation

    Pink E

  12. Mary, just read your comment on my Paper Pups card. LOL "card making machine" hahahahaha You know what it is? I hate measuring for one, so I bought some pre-scored cards in a pack with all sorts of colors. That has made all the difference in the world! That and the fact that I'm so far away from everybody and keep finding myself needing a card for one reason or another. :) I was very happy that Custom Crops emailed me yesterday saying they shipped my order last Friday and I got it today. I mean, wow! That was FAST! I hope my other 2 orders come that fast. Can't wait to see what you are making today!

  13. Hello Mary
    it is a very sweet Card
    so nice
    hug's lenny

  14. Sweet! I love it! I went out of town and missed three of your cards! I have this cartridge, too! Keep up the good work! I'm the process of trying one of your toilet paper albums!

    Sandra :)

  15. Love these cards!!! You are making me take a better look at my carts!!! thanks so much!!!


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